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Running a business is hard. Have a lawyer act as a strategic partner, guiding you through the legal maze and mitigating risks from the very beginning.

Who is the Startup plan for?

  1. Small businesses
  2. Technology startups
  3. Creatives

Benefits of the Startup Plan

  • Solid Foundation: We advise on choosing the right business entity (Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, Partnerships, etc.) to optimize revenue and limit personal liability. From forming your company and complying with government regulations, we’ll ensure your business is set up for success.
  • Contract Confidence: We draft, review, and negotiate contracts with investors, vendors, and contractors, ensuring your interests are protected. Whether you’re securing funding, outsourcing key tasks, or hiring employees, we’ll help you make sure your contracts are solid.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: We’ll safeguard your innovative ideas by navigating trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. We’ll help you identify your, register, manage and commercialise your intellectual property (IP).
  • Risk Management: We help you develop policies and procedures to minimize legal exposure and avoid costly risks. We create handbooks, create non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and establish terms of service to protect your confidential information and mitigate risks associated with data privacy and security.
  • Compliance Clarity: We keep you up to date on relevant regulations and ensure your business adheres to all legal requirements. We’ll monitor federal, provincial, and municipal laws that apply to your industry and advise you on how to comply with regulations.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a trusted legal advisor by your side allows you to focus on what you do best – building your business. With us on your team, you can concentrate on your vision, develop your product or service, and pursue your goals with the confidence that your legal matters are in good hands.

Take a load off and let us carry your legal projects and operations to the finish line. Free up your team’s time to handle more strategic activities.

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Juggling everything including legal? Unleash more success by partnering with a legal expert so you can focus on growth.


Who is the Growth plan for?

  1. High growth companies
  2. Mature businesses
  3. Legal and procurement teams in need of support

Benefits of the Growth plan:

  • Focused on You: We have a broad range of expertise that spans many industries. We combine this industry knowledge with a clear and practical approach to learn about your business. This drives efficient and effective work.
  • Cost-Effective: We provide clear fixed-priced options. Our pricing is reliable, accessible and efficient. No surprise billing and no games.
  • Managed from Start to Finish: You gain access to a comprehensive suite of commercial, corporate and regulatory compliance expertise that spans the entire lifecycle of a contract including drafting, review, negotiation, execution and contract management.
  • Practical Expertise: We have a clear understanding of the legal landscape relevant to your industry, allowing us to provide targeted advice and anticipate potential roadblocks specific to your sector.
  • Proactive: We don’t just wait for problems to arise. We will work with you to identify potential legal issues and develop strategies to mitigate risk and ensure your business stays on track.
  • Focus on Growth: We are passionate about helping businesses grow. We are your strategic partner advising on issues like commercial contracts, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property protection and regulatory compliance, all to fuel your business’s expansion.

Take a load off and let us carry your legal projects and operations to the finish line. Free up your team’s time to handle more strategic activities.

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Supplement your legal department with specialist expertise to close more deals efficiently and meet compliance objectives.

Who is the Enterprise plan for?

  1. In-house legal teams
  2. Businesses that need specialist legal expertise
  3. Legal executives that need to clear backlogs

Benefits of the Enterprise plan:

  • Meaningful Expertise: Specialists across various legal practice areas, ensuring you have access to the precise legal expertise your deals demand. Whether it’s navigating intellectual property matters, negotiating contracts, or ensuring regulatory compliance, we have the expertise to help.
  • Cost-Effective: Increasing and training an experienced in-house legal department can come at a significant cost and can take time. Clear legal contracting and deal backlogs now with legal expertise ready to dive right in.
  • Efficiency: We bring a fresh perspective when it comes to processes, identifying risks and maximising opportunities. Our streamlined processes and efficient communication ensure you receive timely and actionable legal support.
  • Scalability: Legal support can scale with you. We seamlessly adjust our team’s composition to match your specific legal needs.
  • In-House Integration: Embed legal counsel right along with your existing legal and non-legal teams using preferred communications channels.
  • Technology-driven: We use reliable and secure technology to streamline processes, enhance communication, and provide transparent, real-time updates on deliverables.

No more backlogs and extra-long workdays when the workload during busy work cycles.

Take a load off and let us carry your legal projects and operations to the finish line. Free up your team’s time to handle more strategic activities.

Contact us today to discuss your unique legal needs.

Fixed-Price Bundles.

Whether you need a general counsel, contracts, corporate transactions or regulatory compliance you can choose how and when to use your plan. We can provide a roadmap before starting and reporting during and after the work is completed.


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