We work with organizations and individuals with varying needs, whether it’s a solo operation and large in-house legal teams. We use legal playbooks, smart automation and human-centric design to implement consistent and repeatable approaches that deliver value for you and you, your customers and your stakeholders.

A thoughtful team of professionals, we focus on getting deals done right. We focus on protecting and fostering your legal and business relationships to optimise outcomes.


Everything we do is fixed price. No games. No surprises.

We scale up our capacity with an extended network of high-quality legal professionals to handle all engagements from start to finish, tracking performance against service levels. We provide transparent reports during and after engagements.


We believe that high quality requires constant improvement, so we utilize best in class process improvement methodologies for regular period improvement. We turn those analyses into measurable increases in efficiency and pass on that value to you.

We have years of technology, project management and business process improvement expertise to deliver high quality deliveries to take your initiatives to the finish line. We also consult with you on how to improve your internal legal and operational practices so that we leave you in much better shape than when we started.



We leverage technology to provide accessible, efficient, and flexible legal services to clients, regardless of their location. Lower overhead costs result in cost savings passed along directly to you.




We have combined the legal judgment calls of a law firm with the lean skills of an outsourcing provider, with a culture built around continuous improvement. We don’t know all the answers, but we are determined to remain on the cutting edge of figuring out how to make contracting better.


Our services are remote and on-demand, which we think is safe and a refreshing break from traditional office staffing. So you don’t need to find us a desk or worry about having us on site.

We use industry standard and commercially available methods to secure all corporate data. Our team is comprised of experienced business professionals bound by our strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. There are layers of accountability: we answer to you, our licensing authorities, as well as the government.  

Contract review is handled by qualified and licensed lawyers in Canada. Other contract services are provided by experienced, reputable and legally trained experts.

It's easy. Register with us, choose a plan, and we'll dive right in. We'll have a detailed intake meeting to properly setup your roadmap and then we get started.

Your hours will expire at the end of the package you purchased.

Yes, you can cancel at any time with a written notice as per the Terms of Service.


Please review the termination and refund terms in the Terms of Service for more info. You can also freeze your account instead of cancelling at no cost.

Take a load off and let us carry your legal projects and operations to the finish line. Free up your business’ or team’s time to handle more strategic activities.

Contact us and we'll get back to you right away.

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